United Way of West Central Mississippi

Campaign 2023-2024

What is the United Way of West Central Mississippi?
We have been a conduit of positive change for more than 70 years. We serve as an umbrella for 15 local partner agencies that aim to positively impact our community in financial stability, health, education, and support services.

What is a campaign?
The campaign helps us assist in our mission and vision for Warren, Issaquena, Sharkey, Yazoo, and a tip of Madison Parish in Louisiana. The campaign is divided into Workplace Campaigns and Special Gifts. The workplace campaigns consist cabinet members that engage with designted company coordiators who coordinate their workplace campaigns. These usually include employee contributions. A Special Gifts campaign is where letters are mailed to various individuals and companies for a more direct contribution.

Why should you participate in a United Way of West Central Mississippi Campaign?

  • Your Money Stays in your backyard
    • The money raised in our footprint is given to local non-profit organizations, so the funds stay in our community so you can see that direct impact.
  • Your money…your way.
    • You can choose to target an organization or group of individuals that is close to your heart; this makes it personal and more meaningful.
  • Your money is safe and effective.
    • There are strict state and federal guidelines United Way must adhere to and community volunteers monitor the effectiveness of those dollars and see where they might be better utilized

If you would like to participate in the campaign or have any questions, please reach out to our
Director of Marketing and Resource Development, Alyssa Lick
alyssa@unitedwayvicksburg.org 601-636-1733